An interesting seminar to say the least.

The most important learning I came away with is to do with timing. It really hit home how I was not allowing myself time to reflect on what I had made. Working in an intuitive way means you never quite know what you are creating. Not giving myself the time after I have made a series of work,  and rushing it straight to a seminar results in having very little to say when asked about your work. It means looking like a dick as you fumble around to create meaning where there is yet to be any. It means people can ask you if you are culturally appropriating and even go so far as to call you out on being ‘white privileged’ and you respond emotionally rather than factually and from a place of uncertainty of what you are doing. It ultimately means being constantly on the back foot. I am not sure if I will ever understand 100% what I am doing or trying to say but I do know if I allow myself more time I can certainly give it a better shot. I can back up my subjective making with objective knowledge,  therefore standing in my power and believing in my work. I think my hard work and the artwork itself deserves that. – Ok starting to sound like a self help book….moving right along..

The response to my work from my crit centered around  process – the question that resonated with me was how do I choose the different objects and why don’t I make the works out of one medium e.g. clay. This got me thinking about what makes me tick as an artist, how one medium never seems enough, it kind of freaks me out. Monique kindly reminded me of the word I was looking for – assemblage. Sounds like a no brainer but this has opened me up to other forms of assemblage such as collage as a way to work. This will lead me into new areas of research as I search out assemblage artists and the roots of this ongoing movement.

The other discussion was around titling, how specific should a title be when you are creating characters. If I give them a solid reference e.g Melania Trump then does it take away viewer options of relating the object to their own references? The group that was in my crit was very much in favour of leaving the titles as open as possible.

Overall this was the most unpleasant and difficult seminar to date, but in saying that I feel it is the one I have definitely gotten the most from in terms of strategies to employ in the future and that feels like a better place to be.


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