The mysterious Ica Stones depict a wide number of scenes: From dinosaurs attacking human beings, to traces of advanced technology, medical operations, maps and erotic scenes.
While there certainly is a note of ambiguity which ultimately leaves room for different interpretations of the stones, these artifacts are the ultimate prove that there is more to ancient history than any of us have ben led to believe by mainstream scholars.Many researchers agree that our history books are incomplete and are missing with essential information that has been withheld from society because it offers a totally different timeline than the one we are currently set to believe in.

The Ica stones have been a subject of debate for a period of over 50 years. They have caught the attention of many researchers who have been left astonished by the scenes depicted in the countless stones found in modern-day Peru. Many agree that the Ica Stones question many aspects of modern science, creationism, and human origin and are the ultimate opposition against prevailing mainstream theories.

The stones are made of Andesite, which is a gray/black volcanic rock commonly found in the region. Numerous laboratories are said to have validated the authenticity of the stones and engravings, indicating that the carvings on the stones are extremely old. However, unlike clay artifacts that have also been found in Peru, there is no organic material found in the rock which makes it extremely difficult to find out more about their true age.


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