From the link below, which I have added for technical info and fantastic images, I have just learnt and am fascinated by the following facts:

Ethnic groups in the Amazon region of Ecuador tie their penis’s up so the Candirus fish don’t enter their body when they swim in the Amazon River. Candirus do not attack women.

EcuadorWith their enemies the

1 Behead them

2 Remove their skulls

3 Boil their skulless heads in a clay vessel

4 Stitch their lips with thin leaves (This is so their could will go away)

5 Clean the head totally

6 Stuff the head with large stones

7 Sun dry the head

8 Wear the head like a necklace (today it is not done to humans but sloths instead)

9 Put the deceased in fetus position in clay vessel

10 Bury them with their belongings – they might need them in the afterlife

11 Wife is killed with San Pedro (not a bad way to go!) and buried with him to help in the afterlife

12 Graves are built in the form of a uterus to help transition to afterlife

The question that arises for me – What would I want to be buried with to help me in the afterlife , to make me feel comfortable there ???


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