From the link below, which I have added for technical info and fantastic images, I have just learnt and am fascinated by the following facts:

Ethnic groups in the Amazon region of Ecuador tie their penis’s up so the Candirus fish don’t enter their body when they swim in the Amazon River. Candirus do not attack women.

EcuadorWith their enemies the

1 Behead them

2 Remove their skulls

3 Boil their skulless heads in a clay vessel

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Kotekas: Penis Sheaths Worn by the Tribes of New Guinea

There are a number of names for phallocrypts or sheaths – Koteka, Nambas, penis gourd and Horim, plus others that are purely used intra tribe. They are a traditional clothing with many purposes, used by tribesmen to cover the genitals either for protection when out hunting and in the bush, or simply to cover themselves, as many tribes have taboos on children seeing the penis – or single women for that matter. Continue reading

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Mainsqueeze, 2014 Bizarrely beautiful and shockingly real and affronting canadian video artist jon rafman’s work redefines the classical notions of surreal in the techno-digital world we live in today. Caught between a sense of longing for the real to be far more than we believe it can be, his works echo to a moment in time […]

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