The following is a list of articles that have popped up on my facebook feed, I find the titles trigger my imagination and give me that whoooooaaaaa feeling, or if you were back in the day – phoooooooo!! Although I save the articles to my page, I know I will never read them as the facts are never as good as the possibilities the titles conjure up.

  • The Ica Stones: Proving mankind co-existed with the dinosaurs
  • Stanford Scientists observe man ‘travel outside his body’ and into space
  • Scientists discover the universe grows like a giant brain
  • 13 Alien like skulls unearthed in Mexico
  • Native American tribes often mentioned an “Ancient Race of Giants”
  • Mysterious floating city appears in sky over China
  • Massive Alien entity floating over Mexico may prove aliens are already here
  • Earths magnetic field is collapsing, scientists say our planet is about to flip
  • Tutankhamuns iron dagger ‘originated’ from  outer space
  • Indonesia holds key to a 20,000 year old lost civilisation
  • What powered Viana, the 6,000 year old flying machines of Ancient India
  • 10 Ancient sites that might be stargates, portals or wormholes
  • Octopus DNA is not from this world scientists reveal

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