I have been thinking of incorporating photography into my work for the last few weeks, no idea why but it keeps popping into my head.

Making sculptures and then photographing them and maybe even reworking over the top of the photograph – I think the materials I have been working with – foam, clay, paint etc would work well over the top of a photograph.

My friend sent me a video clip this morning – one I hadn’t seen since my daughter at age 14  showed me many years ago and I was able to watch it for its artistic merit rather than with the parental fear I watched it with the first time with.

It is a collaboration of Die Antwood and Roger Ballen – it is disturbing yet so incredible. The naively made costumes and drawings that feature are very interesting to me – the idea of creating and then using another medium to display the creation – puts a barrier up for sure, creates mystery and also contains the works, puts the work in a setting that is often so much more difficult when placing sculpture in a gallery.

 ‘All of Ballen’s trademark visuals were there: black and white theatrical sets, a bizarre cast of characters, hieroglyphic scribbles and the occasional animal in peril, in this case a goose. At the centre of all this madness were Ninja and Yo-Landi Vi$$er, members of South Africa’s zef rap-rave outfit Die Antwoord, singing and rapping in an almost incomprehensible hybrid of Afrikaans and English. Taken together, the song’s music, lyrics and video are an intense alternate universe of grimy magic, as if Samuel Beckett’s characters had got a hold of a lot of cheap crystal meth.from

Out in the margins of the world, in that contested zone between the West and the imaginary other, there are some truly strange mixtures of styles, politics and aesthetics. But where exotica has always tended to make non-white subjects the alien, in Ballen and Die Antwoord’s world it is the white people who are truly strange: the band play with racial and cultural stereotypes, blacking up for videos,adopting alien contact lenses, fake tribal daubing and sign language. Their ability to offend is universal. Die Antwoord offer themselves up as models of a knowing kind of authenticity – how much of this is real? And how much of this is just play-acting?

Anyway here is the video….


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