As much as I love the planet, I can see how this world we have created is becoming an overwhelming place to reside for many.

We all know of the horrendous suicide rate in NZ but what I am also witnessing is young people (18-25) totally losing their shit all over the place.

The Wellington Crisis Team are inundated with calls, there are not enough people to tend to those struggling. The lady I spoke to mocked the girls who phoned in complaining they couldn’t handle life due to a bust up with a bff.

The more ancient among us bark put downs like ‘no resilience’ ‘ wouldn’t know how to work if they tried’ etc I know this because I have been guilty of it…….until I stopped being an arsehole and took a look at what these young-ins are up against.

Yes they may be calling in about a trivial matter but I think the plea for help that underlies it may be ‘get me the fuck out of this pressure we call living on the planet in 2016’.

I have witnessed my daughters struggles with mental health for the last 5 years. I have also listened to her anecdotes of others that seem to flock to her with crazy histories and ongoing insanity.  I question if these are bonafide nutcases or merely finding this world, the pollution, the imminent talk of its demise, the incredible financial burden of just living etc etc  – is it just simply too much and if so, yes checking out and having an excuse –  from a medical professional no less – seems like a viable option.

Interestingly the Asian race seems to have a much better grip on their mental health, the lady I spoke to said it was very rare for the staff to have a call out to someone of Asian ethnicity (by this I mean Japanese, Chinese etc). The Native American Indians  medicine wheel attributes emotions to the Asian people – they have the best control and understanding of emotion – White people govern the mental aspect of life, we are in our heads which is great for inventing, not so good for drama – Black people reign over the physical and American Indians over the spiritual.

Also on the rise is the idea of mindfulness, they are even teaching it in the more progressive schools. The calming of the mind, the emptying – lets teach them now to block out all this insanity going on. To have a place to go where you are not affected by the fact all the cool animals are becoming extinct because humans can be greedy bastards.

I am interested in schizophrenia as an idea of not having the same reality as most. Listening to Joseph Campbell yesterday talk about mental disorders – ‘Frued’s Principle clientele – neurotics, a person ho is still in the conscious world and is in relationship with his unconscious in a rather desperate way – a psychotic is one who has cracked off altogether and he is down in that realm of the mythical archetypal forms – Jung was very antiquated with the atmosphere and scenery of this domain. It is similar as to when someone takes LSD and  suddenly they have brought forth an unconscious load that their consciousness could not handle, they also slip into the domain of mythic images, it lives within us and is good to be acquainted with it.’

In my artwork at present I am looking at the concept of leaving reality through certain devices – drawing upon many different ways humans try to check out. How to make objects that will make that checking out easier – I am not talking of death – more like objects a person in psychosis may make to help them reach another place/universe/existence/race of beings . I am attempting to find the freedom in creating this way – what seems to be holding me back is my attachment to aesthetics, I haven’t reached that place of total abandon as yet and as I am not in psychosis (I think) perhaps this is an impossible task and I can merely make representations of what I believe I would make if I were wanting to enter another world. I have just found a fake stuffed creepy cat at the op shop so may get to that point after all.creepy cat

Cats have been both feared and loved throughout history by many different cultures.  Some Native Americans, for instance the Oglala, would not have anything to do with any felines because they believed that cats had powerful magic and the ability to curse people.  However, the Egyptians had great reverence for cats.  They had multiple cat goddesses, including Bast, Sekmet (goddess with the head of a lioness), and Mafdet (goddess having come before Bast, who represented feral Egyptian cats).  Each of these gods is female, which supports the association many have between cats and women.  Cats are also associated with female medicine.  Cats were domesticated in Egypt around 2100 BCE for the purpose of hunting.

The Celts also had a fondness for felines, associating them with their goddess Brighid.  In this case, cats were representative of friends and companions, much like dogs are thought of.  The Celts saw certain qualities in cats, like sensitivity and stealth, and attempted to copy them.  Cats are strongly associated with magic, and appropriately, Druidic priests would use cat magic so that they would be able to cross between the spiritual and physical worlds.



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