‘It is important in this respect to realise that we normally perceive only what we can conceive. We fit sensations into our own view of the way things ought to be. The classic experiment of fitting people with glasses that invert everything proves this conclusively. Within a day or two the brain makes corrections to the visual field and these people see everything the “right” way up again, but when the glasses are removed, the whole world is once again inverted. Thus the world is seen not as it is but as it ought to be. Part of the problem is that we receive so many sensations, that we are forced to pick and choose and soon end up with a carefully selected and very narrow view of reality’    (Supernature – Lyall Watson, 1973, Hodder and Stoughton Ltd, Great Britian,  pg 241-242)

perceive – become aware or conscious of (something); come to realize or understand

conceive – form or devise (a plan or idea) in the mind.

Emptying our minds may help – if there is a finite view of reality due to our overstuffed minds, our minds many of us fill up with everyday routine, drama and crappy TV, then it is up to us to not carry around anything but the essentials so there is room for new realities to form – new connections between object and ideas.Disciplines to employ to keep the mind clear – meditation, being in nature, yoga, watching the series of Weeds.

At present I am contemplating my role as an artist and how I can ‘be’ to bring out the art that best represent what I want to say. What is it I want to say?

Being present when I work , to have an empty mind is very productive in my practice. I had lost sight of this as I have been trying to scramble around and put together themes and issues. Perhaps being present is the issue. Being present to allow not only observations and new ideas to emerge but to make a clear path for the sub conscious to rear its head.

I have just come back from visiting my daughter in Wellington. She suffers from mental health issues and it always shakes up my reality when I spend a few days with her when she isn’t coping with what we call ‘normal life’  – functioning in this world – I often think maybe she is too sensitive to be here which always leads me to wonder how far away from insanity are any of us. What is the thing that will make us crack – how much can we push ourselves until we unravel.

Perhaps it would be a  relief  to crack. What kind of art would I produce if I cracked? I am assuming that when I crack I can still create artwork – if I ever crack, that is the kind of cracked situation I would approve of – ironically I am attempting to control my insanity before it happens.

Cracked – I grew up on a battery chicken farm – on Christmas day when the usual egg collectors were celebrating with their families it was our job to gather thousands of eggs. Sometimes an egg appeared that had no shell, only the super soft inside lining that held the unfertilised chicken in place. To gain entry you had to pinch and rip the lining which was strangely much more difficult than cracking an egg with a shell. Did I mention how soft they were, sometimes still warm.


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