franz west

Very intrigued and inspired by the discussion seen here between sculpture and image making. The images take on an evidence like quality, these are the actual objects from the painting this well dressed man in the image is contemplating.

On another note – I am coming to the conclusion that sometimes the smartest of artists don’t need to prove their intellect. It certainly informs their work but perhaps they are not as hung up on it as others because they may not feel the need to prove their ‘smarts’ as much. This leaves them to employ a more childlike approach. I am fond of this approach, it frees up my mind to let the art ‘happen’ with a knowing that all the research I have been undertaking will have it’s own way of showing up when the time is right.

Sometimes you need to convince yourself of things just to get shit done.

‘For all West’s playfulness, as a man as well as an artist, and the lewdness of many of his sculptures – some of which are like giant sausages, penises or brightly coloured turds – he was a serious, largely self-taught reader and thinker, especially of philosophical and psychoanalytic literature. He understood the power of the abject, the seriousness of the absurd. He was Viennese, after all. A lot of this gets unpacked in the catalogue. This exhibition shows not only West’s range, but exactly how good and how deceptive his art could be.’



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