While listening to a pod cast featuring Artist Jeff Weiss, I learned of the nightly emails he sends out. These emails contain art news – all sorts of interesting articles, tidbits and gossip. Weiss has formed this evening event by cutting and pasting the art news of the day in a creative and often amusing way- then posts it out to recipients that have requested to belong to the group. He calls the emails – old news and I thoroughly recommend requesting to join. Be warned – you may get a strange reply or maybe even a no, he is an odd character.

If you are interested email and ask if you may join the group.


SAVE YOURSELF – Francis Upritchard

Francis-Upritchard-1Aspects Of Upritchard’s art practice that resonate with me as discussed in the article ‘Psychic Pushing by Heather Galbraith in Upritchards book ‘Save Yourself’.

1 – ‘Upritchard’s works intentionally exploit the fruitful potentiality of getting things a bit wrong, they are never completely truthful to their sources. Their handmade quality makes them all the more intriguing, and approachable’ (pg 30) Continue reading

Grayson Perry – Reith Lectures

Just listened to Grayson Perry’s Reith lectures on you tube – brilliant.

Perry discusses all the juicy topics such as ‘what is art? says who? and why?’ in a very affable and relaxed manner. Great insight from an artist right in the thick of the contemporary art world.

As I was sculpting with clay at the time I listened, I did not take notes to report back on my blog, so my post here is really just to let you know these 4 lectures are well worth a listen – I will re listen to them at some stage and jot down some notes so keep posted – Thanks to Paris for mentioning these talks in her blog

grayson perry